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Here is everything you need to know about TruAI

TruAI addresses soft AI problems by providing an architectural solution for machine learning developers, data scientists, and engineers. It facilitates the journey from ideation to deployment efficiently.

TruAI provides an easy-to-use, no-code UI for non-tech users, efficient cloud-based MLOps, ready-to-use AI engines, trustworthy predictions, reduced error rates and costs through automatic executions, accelerated time-to-value, and seamless data retrieval via integrations.

The Lookalike Engine identifies expanded audiences similar to the existing user base, while the User Linkage Engine enhances targeted advertising and personalized recommendations by grouping devices based on users.

Yes, TruAI offers user-friendly interfaces, no-code or low-code functionalities, and intuitive tools that allow individuals without extensive technical backgrounds to utilize AI for various purposes like data analysis, predictive modeling, and automation.

By analyzing large volumes of data and identifying patterns, TruAI provides valuable insights that aid in making informed decisions, reducing biases, and predicting outcomes based on historical data.

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