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user linkage engine

Link multiple online identities of a user for detailed insights

Improve targeted advertising, personalized recommendations and demographic predictions, through a scalable solution that enables grouping devices based on the user they belong to.

Track your users

Group user devices for enhanced tracking

Utilize first-party data for robust cross-device tracking without third-party trackers. Employ graph-based cross-device tracking techniques that enable the correlation of browsing histories across multiple devices to group devices by predicted user ownership.

expand user identification

Transform cross-device tracking with proprietary graph-based algorithms

Maximize cross-device tracking precision with our proprietary graph-based algorithms, designed to enhance user linkage across multiple devices. These advanced algorithms excel at linking user identities, thereby increasing the accuracy of cross-device tracking. The User Linkage Engine provides you with a comprehensive view of user interactions across various devices, ultimately optimizing your data analysis and user engagement strategies.

Feature Applications

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Improve user linkage insights by gathering data efficiently.


Improve cross-device tracking for better user linkage across multiple devices.

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