Harness your data’s potential with AI-powered solutions

TruAI integrates AI engines with a code-free environment and ML pipelines, enabling machine learning developers, data scientists, and data engineers to efficiently bring their projects from ideation to production and deployment, while minimizing time and costs.

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Benefits of Tru AI

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Comprehensive Solution

All-in-one solution for effective AI and ML model development, deployment, and management, from data prep to training.

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Ease of Use

Ready-to-use AI/ML engines that enable projects without advanced expertise.

Scalable and Efficient

Easily scalable for large datasets and complex models, promoting faster, efficient model development with high-performance computing.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrates with diverse data sources and formats while offering APIs for effortless application integration.

Professional Support

Team of AI experts ready to provide support, and guidance through your AI journey.

Versatile and Flexible

Option to develop ML models with a wide range of prebuilt algorithms or creating your own using popular frameworks like Scikit-learn.

Enhance Personalization. Predict User Actions. Guide Customer Journeys.

Ready-to-use AI engines for quick AI incorporation into your applications.

Recommendation Engine

Provide personalized user recommendations using a fully managed, automatically scalable engine that can handle traffic spikes efficiently, without any human intervention.

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Lookalike Engine

Identify an expanded audience similar to your current user base, using an expert system that leverages segment modeling and a rich set of ML solutions to facilitate lookalike modeling.

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Propensity Engine

Order users based on their propensity likelihood score, relying on a wide range of data sources, ML solutions and automatic monitoring of propensity modeling precision.

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User Linkage Engine

Improve targeted advertising, personalized recommendations and demographic predictions, through a scalable solution that enables grouping devices based on the user they belong to.

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