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Deliver personalized recommendations

TruAI’s Recommendation Engine is an expert system of hybrid ensemble recommenders, powered by a range of recommendation algorithms.

personalized user recommendations

Discover dynamic recommendations

Target specific audience segments with tailored offerings to boost the profitability of your marketing campaigns. With the help of audiences, you can easily create user cohorts based on behavior patterns, geographic location, and more for personalized offer targeting.

recommendation algorithms and models

Recommend articles based on user behavior

Utilize a range of recommendation algorithms provided and train/retrain models regularly to generate precise recommendations for your users.

Algorithms for precise recommendations

The range of algorithms used spans from non-personalized to deep learning-driven personalized methods. In between, are collaborative, content, case, and sequence-based recommendation algorithms.

Regular model training

Our models can undergo retraining immediately upon the successful completion of their current training cycle. Our models are retrained periodically, ensuring that they remain up-to-date.

Feature Applications

Transform Your Business Today

Discover the many ways our solution can supercharge your results.


Enhance your user recommendations by utilizing algorithms and training models.


Increase engagement by making recommendations based on user behavior.

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